Man, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is really screwing with our HHH event schedule!

Coronavirus is here, and whether we like it or not, we have to deal with it accordingly. It’s scary, it’s unprecedented, and it’s inducing a lot of anxiety for everyone. It sucks!!

Schools, businesses, bars, restaurants, and more are closed all around the city of Chicago and beyond. If we all do our part and hunker down for the next several weeks, hopefully we can kick this thing out of our lives and get back on our feet.

Our events for March & April have been postponed. See below for events that have been affected:

Our First Day of Spring Fest, originally planned to occur on Friday, March 20 from 5 – 9 PM at Twisted Hippo is now postponed until Friday, May 1. Same time & same place (5 – 9 PM @ Twisted Hippo).

Our March 25 Artists/Maker Networking event, originally planned to occur on Wednesday, March 25 from 6 – 8 PM at Eris Brewery & Cider House is postponed until further notice.

Our Cannabis-Themed Handmade Market, originally planned to occur on Saturday, April 11 from 12 – 4 PM is now scheduled for Saturday, August 8. Same time & same place (12 – 4 PM @ Emporium Logan Square).

Our Mother’s Day Market, “I Got it From My Momma!,” is still on the calendar and scheduled to occur as planned on Saturday, May 9 @ Twisted Hippo!

We continue to plan events for the summer, anticipating that it will be back to business as usual by then.

The best way to stay in the know about our events is to stay tuned to our Instagram @handmadehappyhours.

Vendors: please stay tuned to emails from for up-to-date information & announcements. We will be sending updated event graphics in the next few days.

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Handmade Happy Hours firmly believes in community over competition, and bringing artists & buyers together in warm & welcoming spaces.

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