Join us for another Artist/Maker Networking Event – March 25, 2020

We had such positive feedback from our first Networking Event, that we’ve decided to organize another one! Want to learn more about Handmade Happy Hours? About selling your work in the Chicago market? How to promote yourself better via social media, newsletters, etc.? What shows you should be on the lookout for, and possibly more […]

HHH Networking Event ~ Follow-Up

Hello HHH Friends! Thank you for coming out to the Networking Event last night! We had an awesome time & learned quite a bit from each other. We discussed everything from how to collect email addresses to places to buy packaging and supplies. Our mission of “community over competition” was fully alive last night, and […]

Join us for the Artist Networking Event on January 24, 2020

Hello HHH Vendors & Enthusiasts! Thank you SO much for making our first year of events such a success. We truly appreciate everyone who has participated in our events, everyone who has attended our events, and the 100+ artists/makers in our community who have joined our HHH club. We’ve been able to host events, big […]