HHH Artist Gallery

Want to know what to expect when attending an HHH event? HHH has put together a gallery to give you insight on the curated selection of Artists & Makers who sell at HHH events.

We have over 100 artists & makers on our list of HHH vendors; we present you with just a few of our talented artisans.

HHH is adding Artists and their info regularly – stay tuned for more details!

Greetings by Jenny

by: Jenny Leigh Rhead

Think Unique

by: Lauren Cornell

Glorious Tomato

by: Jill Landrith

Horror Floral

by: Mary Sweeney

Granny Abell

by: Alisha Hubbell

M.Diaz Makes

by: Michelle Diaz

EMVZ Creations

by: Emily Zavacki

Nasty Threads

by: Chrystle Rebecca Rivers

Adorn Chi

by: Lilia St

Swoon Living

by: Patrick Fitzpatrick


by: Amy Rynn


by: Nors Beatriz

Scrub me skin care

by: Katherine Heinze


by: Amy Couey

Ace of Wands Bake Shop

by: Salem Johnson

Bezels and Bubbles

by: Maggie Graf

Twidley Bits

by: Lauren Ocello

Meli’s Miniverse

by: Mel Iverson

Hof Draws

by: Anna Hof

Woman Ambassadors

by: Aditi Poddar

JB Jewlery Design

by: Jennifer Boston

Pink Pastel Bakery

by: Aida Nava

Gingershells Boutique

by: Rochelle Cousineau

ARTISTS! If you see something incorrect about your bio, your name, etc., let HHH know! If you don’t want yourself featured, tell HHH! If you want HHH to say something else about you, no problem! Contact us below.

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