Why HHH?

Why become an HHH vendor or customer?

At Handmade Happy Hours, we believe in community over competition. We believe the venues to sell our work should be affordable & accessible. We think buying Handmade supports so much more than just the financial well-being of the artist.

At a Glance
  • 100% Handmade
  • 100% Local
  • Affordable for all
  • Supportive & fun

When you buy local, handmade goods, you can feel more than good about your purchase. Often times, handmade goods are more environmentally friendly. You are supporting your neighbors and community. Not only that, but by attending our events, and buying our vendors’ work, you support the continuation of their businesses, and thus, our events.

We’ve been complimented on our positive vibes, supportive environment, and welcoming attitude by both participating vendors & venues that have hosted us.

We strive to offer both new & experienced artists with an affordable space to sell their work, in a warm & welcoming environment. Whether your brand new to selling your work, or experienced with years of selling under your belt, we welcome you to join our community and events.

Most importantly, we’ve created a network of 180+ artists and makers in the Chicago community, filled with unique talents & insight. When you become a vendor of HHH, you join a positive, supportive community of creative & open-minded people.

Hear us go LIVE on Radio One Chicago, where we chat about HHH and our events.

Contact us today to become a part of our movement and ever-growing community.

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